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05-May-2019 09:56

And one thing I like about it after 2 years is how simplistic this app looks.

, which makes you think: How could it Initialize faster with all the spam on the home screen.

Justin Scanlan December 5, 2017 AVG IS KILLING MY BATTERY.

Though, there’s no guarantee that your replacement phone won’t suffer from the same issue somewhere down the line, too.

Addressing Touch Disease is going to be more complicated, and more costly.

But if the issue is as widespread as repair pros suspect, then Apple should start offering customers solutions instead of excuses.

Julia Larson December 16, 2017 The last two weeks AVG has been tanking my battery daily.

gl/y C2vue If you are still having issues, please contact our developers.

People all over the world mail their broken i Phones to microsoldering specialist Jessa Jones.